They said she would never have friends, go to school or live independently, they underestimated her

 If you are the parent of a child with autism, you are a superhero, but not all superheroes wear capes. Some superheroes wear aprons in the kitchen instead. 

You too can help your child go from super-stuck to superhero, starting today! 

 "You will get swept along on this darkly humorous journey from the depths of super-stuck to the dizzying heights of superhero. A must read for any parent of a special kid who knows deep down they are capable of much more than their dim prognosis." 

Steven R. Wertz, M.Div., BCBA, Growing Minds Autism Program Director 

" A truly inspirational story about a very special little girl overcoming her health and developmental challenges. Learn how her amazing mum unlocked her full potential, by finding the right nutrition and therapies to help her shine."


Lucinda Miller, Family Naturopath, Founder of Nature Doc Clinic, Author of The Good Stuff

 "This book will show you how to launch your child from struggling to thriving in school. "


David Newman, Speech and Language Pathologist, Author of Working Memory Activities and Inference Activities