Want to be a superhero too?

Are you headed straight for the eye of the storm? Too stressed to start?

Launch yourself and your super kid into hyperspace and help your child make friends, gain confidence, and thrive in school.

Ruthangela remembers how stressed and isolated she was, as a single working mother of a child with a learning disability, language delay and autism. Add the fact that she was swimming against the tide, pursuing the “impossible dream” of actively helping her child overcome all three conditions, she knew she had created a perfect storm for her own mental health, and she was headed straight for the eye of it.  But she got through it, even though she learned her lessons the hard way.

But where would she find a life coach that understood her unique circumstances? One that would support her in achieving her “impossible” dreams? Someone who would truly get her?

Reality soon hit. No such life coach existed. Unless, of course, she became her own life coach? 

She has walked a similar path you have and understands your struggles and challenges on a much deeper level than a generic life coach will.

Both a mum to a special kid and a qualified life coach, Ruthangela knows first hand how difficult life is for fellow super parents. Connect with her for a free informal chat and learn how to move from super-stuck to superhero today.

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